We've given up sellers to serve our buyers better.


Q. How can The Buyer's Agent - Buyer's First Realty claim to be different and save homebuyers money?

A. We are different! Traditional agents can spend 50%-75% of their time trying to get listings and representing sellers. We never work for sellers, so we can focus all of our time and efforts helping homebuyers find the best home and save money (7 different ways)! We also sign a "pledge of loyalty" which guarantees we will ALWAYS BE ON YOUR SIDE.

Q. I spoke with another agent, and they said they could be a buyer's agent. Were they correct?

A. Sometimes. There are basically 4 types of agents: buyer's agents, seller's agents, designated buyer or seller agents, and dual agents. Unfortunately, you never know what type of agent you're working with until you identify a home. If that home is listed with the agent or the agent's company, you will be losing out on the FULL BENEFITS of exclusive buyer representation and they cannot fully represent you or help you negotiate a lower price! Sorry - it's the law.

Q. Who is ultimately responsible if something should go wrong during the transaction?

A. Remember, every agent is working as an "extension of their BROKER." In fact, it is illegal for an agent to act independent of their broker. If you experience a problem and want someone to take your side, and the seller is represented by the same broker, then you a have a problem. They can take no action which is ADVERSE to either the buyer or the seller. In other words, you would have given up your rights by signing a "consent to dual-agency form."

Q. What areas do you service?

A. From Toppenish to Selah, from West Valley to East Valley. If you are interested in other areas give us a call and we can usually direct you to the best buyer's agents in any given area.

Q. I am going to sell my home. Do you work with sellers?

A. We offer no services to sellers. What we have is buyers looking for homes. If you are selling a home it is very smart to send our office a description of the home you have to sell. If we have any buyers in the market for that type of home we will call you for a showing appointment. You have no obligation. You sign no listing contract. We bring a well informed, well qualified buyer through your home.

Now, if the buyer is interested in your home we will write a purchase offer for the buyer and present it. That offer may include you paying some closing costs for the buyer and it may not be at your asking price. (Since we work for the buyer we are working to get the home at or below market value.) However, if you don't like the offer you can always counter us at terms that are acceptable to you.

The net result is that we do a lot of business with for-sale-by-owner home sellers and they normally end up saving thousands in commissions and a lot of frustration.

Q. Can I get a "better deal" if I buy directly from the agent who listed the home?

A. NO! The listing agent owes their loyalty to the seller and is obligated to get the HIGHEST PRICE for the seller. However, if the same agent showed you a property from a competing firm, they "could be your buyer's agent." The challenge that faces a buyer working with a traditional agent is that they never really know who that agent (and broker) is legally representing until they identify a property. If that property is listed with that agent, or even another agent within the firm, you will be exposed to Dual-Agency (less-than-full representation).

Q.What's this I've been hearing about buyers' agents and sellers' agents?

A.In 1983, a Federal Trade Commission study revealed that over 72% of all home buyers nationwide mistakenly believed they were being represented by the agent who was showing them homes. As a result, most states have passed laws requiring agents to disclose whom they represent. Unfortunately, when you spend time with a friendly agent looking at homes, you forget what they told you weeks earlier, and you "feel" like they will look out for your best interest. You never really know who that agency is working for until you find a home.

Q. Are there additional fees for your services? How do you get paid?

A. There are a number of ways buyer's agents can be paid; in general the best way is to have us paid right out of the seller's proceeds just like a traditional real estate agent. This way you can have the services of a buyer's agent and not pay any more than if you had used a traditional agent. (Often you would pay much less because we are negotiating for you.) There are other ways we can be paid, which you can discuss with the agent during your first meeting.

Q. What is the next step?

A. Call us to arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss your needs and how we can help you achieve your home purchase goals. Call (509) 575-1212, and if no one is at the office when you call, leave a message with times that would be convenient for you to meet. Our voice mail system usually pages an agent so they can respond to you fairly quickly, even after hours.